Scrafie Lifestyle

A scarfie lifestyle is a term which has been creatived and lived by by students that attend the University of Otago in Dunedin New Zealand. There are traditions that take place while you're a student at the University of Otago

Like most Universities, Otago has a student association; OUSA. They are dedicated to keeping the Scarfie Lifestyle alive and pumping but organisaing events etc. as well as making sure it stays a safe environment for all students in, on and around campus. You can find out more about OUSA buy visting their website OUSA HomePage.

"Take Your Place In The World" is a classic campaign that ran to promote the University of Otago for many years

Associations with the Scarfie Lifestyle:

If you would to learn more in-depth informaton about the Scrafie Lifestyle then you can learn more here: Student By Day - Raver By Night.