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Student By Day - Raver By Night

Being a 'SCARFIE' is a huge part of being a student at the University of Otago. More about this term can be found at Scrafie Lifestyle. Students live a very unquie lifestyle. Campus is spread around North/Mid Dunedin - It is also known as 'studentville' almost all residents are flats where students live. You are living on campus, right by the University and are surround by peers that are in teh same situation as you. Students attending lectures and study during the day and party at night (especially Thursday, Friday and Saturday). There are always events on in and around town for students to attending; music gigs, social events, balls, sports etc.

Students at the Annual Hyde St Keg Party

Some of the Important Events for Scrafies in 2017:

To keep up-to-date with events then visit OUSA Facebook Events Page.